TE Ingot and Pellets

  • TE ingot and pellets-The BiTe-P/N-1thermoelectric ingot

    TE ingot and pellets-The BiTe-P/N-1thermoelectric ingot

    The BiTe-P/N-1thermoelectric ingot is grown by Thermonamic with the alloy of Bi, Sb, Te, Se, special doping and our unique crystallizing processes. The Bi-Te based thermoelectric ingot is used to produce thermoelectric modules for cooling and heating applications, and converting heat into electricity. Generally, the figure of merit ZT of our p-type and n-type ingots is larger than 1 at 300K, and the good feature attracts many high-end customers. Meanwhile, our ingot is featured with good mechanical strength and high stability, providing the corner stone for producing the high performance and reliable Peltier cooling and power generation modules.  Our pellets can be cut  at 0.2X0.2X0.2MM, the Temp. difference can reach 74℃.