Te Customized Series

  • TE custormized series – Cooler

    TE custormized series – Cooler

    Aurin can manufacture peltier coolers with unique design features like center holes and unusual shapes. These special design thermoelectric modules are often used in laser and diode cooling. While unique shapes typically require custom design, we also offer some existing designs that may fit some common applications. Standard substrates are lapped with +/-0.025mm tolerance. Please feel free to contact us for your desired size.

  • Custom Refrigeration Sheet – Semiconductor Refrigeration Sheet

    Custom Refrigeration Sheet – Semiconductor Refrigeration Sheet

    The working principle of semiconductor refrigeration sheet is based on Peltier’s principle. This effect was first discovered by j.a.c. Peltier in 1834, that is, when the circuit composed of two different conductors A and B is connected with direct current, some other heat will be released at the joint in addition to Joule heat, while the other joint absorbs heat, Moreover, this phenomenon caused by Peltier effect is reversible. When changing the current direction, the exothermic and endothermic joints also change. The absorbed and released heat is directly proportional to the current intensity I [a], and is related to the properties of the two conductors and the temperature of the hot end.