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  • Thermal cycle thermoelectric module series

    Thermal cycle thermoelectric module series

    Thermal Cycling Thermoelectric Module series are specifically designed for temperature cycling applications. Thermal cycling exposes a Peltier cooler to demanding physical stresses as the module shifts from heating to cooling, and this can significantly reduce the operational life of a standard TEC. Optimized for thermal cycling, intensive testing has shown that Ferrotec’s 70-Series of thermal cycling TECs deliver significantly longer thermal cycling operational life. Typical applications that use these Peltier coolers include instrumentation, chillers, PCR devices, thermal cyclers, and analyzers.

  • Tec Regular Modules Series – Cooler

    Tec Regular Modules Series – Cooler

    Regular modules are used for applications which need the temperature for cooling purpose such as mini-fridge, water dispenser, beauty instrument etc.Aurin offers a wide range of standard thermoelectric modules for cooling, thermal cycling and precision temperature control applications. Most standard modules are based on the TEC series of thermoelectric modules. The TEC series offers higher temperature operation it can be operated at temperatures up to 135°C for normal operation, and 200°C for brief periods of time. It is thermo-mechanically rugged and can be used in thermal cycling applications.


  • TE custormized series – Cooler

    TE custormized series – Cooler

    Aurin can manufacture peltier coolers with unique design features like center holes and unusual shapes. These special design thermoelectric modules are often used in laser and diode cooling. While unique shapes typically require custom design, we also offer some existing designs that may fit some common applications. Standard substrates are lapped with +/-0.025mm tolerance. Please feel free to contact us for your desired size.

  • TE ingot and pellets-The BiTe-P/N-1thermoelectric ingot

    TE ingot and pellets-The BiTe-P/N-1thermoelectric ingot

    The BiTe-P/N-1thermoelectric ingot is grown by Thermonamic with the alloy of Bi, Sb, Te, Se, special doping and our unique crystallizing processes. The Bi-Te based thermoelectric ingot is used to produce thermoelectric modules for cooling and heating applications, and converting heat into electricity. Generally, the figure of merit ZT of our p-type and n-type ingots is larger than 1 at 300K, and the good feature attracts many high-end customers. Meanwhile, our ingot is featured with good mechanical strength and high stability, providing the corner stone for producing the high performance and reliable Peltier cooling and power generation modules.  Our pellets can be cut  at 0.2X0.2X0.2MM, the Temp. difference can reach 74℃.

  • TEG thermoelectric generator series

    TEG thermoelectric generator series

    “Thermo generation module” is able to generate electrical power from any type of temperature difference from micro-power wireless monitoring to large-scale waste heat recovery. The thermoelectric module will generate DC electricity as long as there is a temperature difference across the module. The more power will be generated when the temperature difference across the module becomes larger, and the efficiency of converting heat energy into electricity will increase therefore. The module is stuck with the high thermal conductivity graphite sheet on its both sides of the ceramic plates to provide low contact thermal resistance, hence you do not need to apply thermal grease or other heat transfer compound when you install the module. The graphite sheet can work well in extremely high temperature. AURIN is providing various thermo generation modules to fit your application needs.The Max temperature can be 280℃. Customized size is available.

  • TMC Micro Series Laser Diode

    TMC Micro Series Laser Diode

    Mainly for laser diode of optical communication, the micro modules are the best modules for temperature control of small parts in relatively small heat absorption.

    We are proud that our micro modules have the highest quality and efficiency, since the elements are made from our proprietary world’s highest performance hot-forged material, and all micro modules are assembled by automatic robots.

    Custom designs are available. We can propose the optimal design based on our extensive experience.

  • The Peltier coolers in Aurin High-Power Thermoelectric Module series

    The Peltier coolers in Aurin High-Power Thermoelectric Module series

    The Peltier coolers in Aurin High-Power Thermoelectric Module series are designed to maximize heat pumping capacity. These single-stage TECs enable increased cooling capacities and efficiencies in a standard thermoelectric cooler footprint. The high cooling density of these Peltier coolers enables high-performance heat exchangers in smaller, more efficient sizes.

  • Thermal cooling system-Gas liquid thermoelectric cooling / heating unit

    Thermal cooling system-Gas liquid thermoelectric cooling / heating unit

    The system introduced here is Air to Liquid type thermoelectric cooling/heating unit with 170 watts cooling power where we use heat sink with fans for heat dissipating of thermoelectric modules to cool or heat up the circulated water or liquid. The unit is designed for cooling or heating circulated liquid purpose. It can cool 2 Liters of water from 25 ˚C down to 1 ˚C within one hour, and also can be used to heat up water up to 100 ˚C. Built up with our high performance TEHC series thermoelectric cooling modules, the unit demonstrates superior performance.   170 W thermoelectric cooling/heating unit runs on 24 VDC with 11 A current drawn. When the red wire is connected to positive and black to negative, it is in cooling mode, and if the polarity is reversed, then in heating mode.

  • Custom Refrigeration Sheet – Semiconductor Refrigeration Sheet

    Custom Refrigeration Sheet – Semiconductor Refrigeration Sheet

    The working principle of semiconductor refrigeration sheet is based on Peltier’s principle. This effect was first discovered by j.a.c. Peltier in 1834, that is, when the circuit composed of two different conductors A and B is connected with direct current, some other heat will be released at the joint in addition to Joule heat, while the other joint absorbs heat, Moreover, this phenomenon caused by Peltier effect is reversible. When changing the current direction, the exothermic and endothermic joints also change. The absorbed and released heat is directly proportional to the current intensity I [a], and is related to the properties of the two conductors and the temperature of the hot end.

  • Multi-stage modules – EN multilayer series

    Multi-stage modules – EN multilayer series

    Multi-stage modules are used for applications which need the temperature under freezing point such as CCD, optical sensor and etc.
    Multi-stage module enable it to make a lager temperature difference (ΔT) by overlapping stage of modules. A lower temperature can be produced by using efficient hot-forged elements. The most stages we can make is 6.